About Zincaloy

Zincaloy is a Canadian company which has been in the business of continuous casting zinc alloys for over 40 years.

The continuous casting process of zinc alloys was developed sometime in the late 1960s and it was commercialized in the early 1980s to become the only supplier of zinc alloy solid and hollow products.

Noranda and Cominco along with the assistance of Canadian government research resources developed a commercial process for casting Zinc for bearing and wear applications, and developed the first zinc bearing manual; after millions of dollars of research and development over several years, Zincaloy was trademarked and incorporated to commercialize this Intellectual Property.

Products manufactured in Zincaloy’s specialized facility have routinely surpassed the expectations of engineers and designers looking for a versatile stock material that outperforms the alternatives in both ideal and less than ideal conditions. Due to the Zincaloy continuous cast process, the products are porosity-free and structurally homogeneous. Zincaloy is a proud, green company as our products are 100 % recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Zincaloy is a reputable supplier of high-quality zinc alloy products in accordance with international standards, and it has served customers in various industries worldwide. Zincaloy offers engineered solutions for customers for the selection of the appropriate zinc alloy. Zincaloy has well-established resources and suppliers in the design and manufacturing industries to offer economical prototype or finished parts including our range of high-performance bearings and bushings.


Proud to announce that we are ISO 9001:2015 certified

Industries We Serve 

  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Electronic/Computer Hardware
  • Security and Lock Hardware
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining and Aggregate
  • Construction
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Forestry and Sawmill
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Medical and Dental Equipment
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Machine Tool and Presses

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